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Osteopathy during Pregnancy

Osteopathy during pregnancy equips a mother to have a relaxing, healthy and pain free pregnancy.
Some women experience pain during pregnancy, which is not necessarily normal. This can be
treated and prevented using effective Osteopathic treatment. At times previous injuries, problems
experienced by the Mother resurface during pregnancy, as they are unable to adapt of changes of a
growing baby.
Some of the problems pregnant women experience is:
• Low back pain
• Sacroiliac pain
• Pubic and groin pain
• Excess fluid in their lower limbs
• Rib pain
• Indigestion
• Shortness of breath
An Osteopath who specialises in this area can help with these problems. At Bay Osteopath we can

Specialist Osteopathic Care During Pregnancy

For healthy pain free pregnancies being checked by Osteopaths is highly beneficial especially towards the end in order to ensure any new symptoms are treated adequately. It is highly beneficial and safe to be treated throughout the different stages of Pregnancy in order to prepare the body for
a healthy labour. Gentle approach is provided by using sacro cranial approach and structural
approach to treatment.

During the sessions the following advice given to be Mums:
• Breast feedings postures
• Pelvic floor exercises
• Labour positions
• Breathing

We use an integrated approach to healthcare during pregnancy and may work with antenatal
teachers, obstetrician, midwife, and lactation consultants.

Final weeks to labour 37-38

Special care provided for women in this crucial period of their pregnancy. Emphasis are given to
check areas of mobility of the pelvis especially sacrum and coccyx which have to move considerably during delivery.

Advice is given on:
• Breast-feeding postures to prevent injuries and common neck and back pain post-nataly.
• Advice given on perineum and pelvic floor exercises. And positions of labour tailored around
the Mother in case she has previous back pain problems.
• Hormonal changes are discussed to help better understand the cascade of events that take
place during this beautiful journey of becoming a Mother.

Postpartum care of a new Mum
Osteopathic treatment is aimed to provide a new Mother to gain backs her vitality and health after
giving birth. Gently treatments help new mum to prevent aches and pains during breast feedings.
Some women develop anxiety and post natal depression which can he helped with osteopathy by
calming the body and mind and making sure the right type of diet is taken to revitalise health.
Naturopathic diet evaluation can help both baby and mum.

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