Geethanjali Bahal

Principal Practitioner

My deep interest in Osteopathy arose when I was training to be a Histologist.  My quest to prevent illness began after I started working in a pathology lab.  Having been raised in a holistic and organic environment I began to see my true passion lies in a medicine which helps people achieve health from within.

The sheer pleasure of being able to use my hands with the knowledge I gained through the British College of Osteopathic Medical School in Hampstead thrilled me.  My quest for knowledge had just begun.  After graduating from (BCOM) with a distinction I started studying post-graduate courses to make my treatments more effective along side running my own clinic soon after graduating.

I have specialized in Cranial Osteopathy and Classical osteopathy.  Currently I am pursuing a world-renowned Paediatric diploma in Osteopathic Medicine at the Osteopathic Centre for Osteopathy.  My passion lies in treating people of all walks of life.  Ranging from babies to adults alike.  It gives me great pleasure to bring health to those in discomfort and pain.

I have also enjoyed teaching at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, which gave me much insight into learning and development.  I have a keen interest in research, as a result I have presented in International conferences.

My passions include photography, poetry, writing, painting and travelling.  I love going on long walks with my two Pomeranians and my 4 year old daughter.

Michael Ma

Associate Practitioner

I’m a dedicated Osteopath who loves everything about his job. I qualified in Australia completing 5 year Double Bachelors degree in Osteopathy at RMIT university.  After completing my degree I moved to Europe to study with several teachers and schools. My study of helping people feel better about themselves has lead me to work clinics around the world such as India, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland.

I feel in love with Osteopathy when my teacher first gave me an Osteopathic treatment. Not only did my physical body start to heal but I felt so much better in myself. Ever since then, I have by endlessly studying and practicing Osteopathy to help others feel better about themselves too. I’m often asked ” So what does an Osteopathy do?” My goal simply is to realign the body to help it heal itself. This can be applied to all conditions and people of all ages for new-borns to elderly and artists to athletes.

When I’m not voraciously learning about Osteopathy, I am often reading, cooking and practicing martial arts. I like to dedicate a lot of my time into studying Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, stoicism and dark chocolate.


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