Forceps or Ventouse Delivery


Depending on the tension of using these instruments, the number of times its used it can build
tension up in the baby’s head. It becomes noticeable at times when a baby is presented with a
“cone head” appearance. You may also notice bruising on the cheeks or the face.
Paediatric trained Osteopaths have had extensive training in recognising these tensions through
palpation using different techniques such as cranial, structural etc. and helping them retain their
balance again.
There are 26 bones in the skull; they articulate with each other in a certain manner, these
interactions are disturbed and at times changes in motion. It gives rise to several problems such as
positional preference, recurrent ear infections, latching problems, excessive crying, unable to lie on
their back to name just a few. The treatment simply removes the tensions that have occurred during
the delivery.

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