Curled Babies Into a Ball


Curled babies always have their knees up all the time. Even when you hold them in your arms they
bring their legs up into a flexed position.

Babies in their mother’s womb lie in a foetal position. When they descend from the birth canal they
go through an unwinding process and then open up. However, in circumstances when there has
been a very fast delivery (usually a second or third baby) or was a C-section then the baby doesn’t
get stretched out so they stay in a little ball.
These babies need unwinding and stretching out. Usually after working on their nervous system and
musculoskeletal system the babies can feel a lot of relief and become to unravel and open up.
Curling up can cause digestive issues due to reflux, regurgitation of milk after feeds due to lack of
space, constipation, and excessive wind.

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