Unsettled Baby

In clinic I often have new parents come in with babies who seem ‘unsettled’ frequent crying, unable to sleep and at times worse at night.

There could be various reasons for a baby to be in such discomfort.  Some of the common findings  silent reflux, gut irritability, restrictions in their neck or even their head maybe due to a difficult birth.

Some common things to look out for are:

  • Weight loss- not feeding enough, or low milk supply from Mother
  • Difficulty latching- tongue tie, restrictions in their neck leading to jaw restrictions.
  • crying excessively -excessive flatulence (maybe due to taking antibiotics post birth, could also be via Mother)
  • Refusal to sleep – not getting enough feed, a hungry baby.
  • lethargic- dehydration due to lack of fluids, bulging fontanelles (space on top of babies head which fuse between 10 to 24 months of age).